Trustpilot user Daniele Barbi

10 Star!!

5 stars not enough for this amazing Team!!!
Been a Member since 2020 and my knowledge about Trading has improved so much giving me Financial Freedom

Trustpilot user victor mendoza

This has honestly changed my life more emotionally and mentally than anything. Anyone can learn to trade but the way this community helps each other , LIVE. They offer daily classes, live voice chat, and a 24/7 community world wide, with years of knowledge.

Trustpilot user PACMAN DEE

A tight family with support

If you do not know what you are doing, they have a big support system. It is not just their team of analysts who are a huge part of the success but the trading family as well. Appreciate what you guys do. One love!

Trustpilot user Chaitan Mugili

Great Discord

I really enjoy OOT. I started about two years ago and took a break to try different discords. That was a huge mistake. I’m back now and really enjoy all the different types of analysts and educational material. Good and fun group that really want to help you be successful.

Trustpilot user Jagermike

There’s a lot of gurus and trading communities out there, but I doubt there’s one that comes close to OOT. They don’t just give you plays but they also teach you and help you. They have live trading every day that the market is open as well as live classes. If you can’t make the class, they record it so you can watch at your convenience. If you’re looking to make some money and gain a life time skill, look no further.

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