Denny Tran

Stacked another year I joined OOT earlier this year to try out. It’s been the best discord I’ve been apart of so far. I just purchased another annual membership to stack with my current one from the 50% off Black Friday...


Teachers, Live trading, Classes There’s a lot of gurus and trading communities out there, but I doubt there’s one that comes close to OOT. They don’t just give you plays but they also teach you and help you. They have live...

Cullen Calderon

Life changing discord! These guys really break it down so you can understand, they know what they’re doing. Extremely professional people who know how to help you put some serious money in your bank 🙌🏼


Love these guys Zabes, grizzlies and khal in particular have provided strong advice over the past year and three months, resulting in massive overhaul in my portfolio! Was negative 30% trading on my own, up over 300% total since joining OOT


Real people helping you learn and grow I’ve been a member since 2021 and many things like this I was skeptical but thought it was worth a month membership. There’s lots of services being advertised out there and while I cannot...

Isaac G

Great team providing quality help and guidance.


This Discord is legit. The analysts are amazing, their support staff is amazing. They truly want all their members to succeed and learn and go out of their way to help anyone who asks for help. Honestly it pays for itself,...

Hunter Heinlein

Awesome discord. Lot of value for the price. Analyst are accurate and members always there to help.


This is the best group if you’re into Options. Totally worth the money. i love to hear Flipz talking during the market hours.

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